My Projects


My first-ever mosaic project


Blue/White Quilt


Black, White and Red all over


Our kitchen remodel


Wedding Gift Combo


Italian Soda Bar Sign Holders


Repurposed Halloween Decor


Laundry Room Basket/Ironing Board Cabinet with Ribbon/Wrapping Paper Hutch on top


DIY Second-hand Table to Subway Art


Shabby-Chic Wedding Centerpieces

New Sewing Corner

Easy Peasy New Halloween Wreath

Christmas Quilt

Fall Porch Decor

Modge Podge Pumpkins

Game Shelf

Cheat Sheet Camera Strap

Re-purposed Halloween Decor

8 thoughts on “My Projects

  1. Hi Lenore! Thanks so much for visiting! Amazing remodel for your kitchen! Looks like you repainted the cabinets, added a new door to the bread storage place, and got a new countertop…is that right? Beautiful. Looks like the previous style was from the 90’s. See, we’re hoping to sell our current house that we built in 2001 and get another one soon. I keep watching “Fixer Upper” for ideas, but I don’t have $100k to sink into a remodel. Your remod looks amazing. I also like your carpe diem table. Oh, how I look forward to getting into our new place, where I can put my own design/decorating stamp on the place! 🙂
    Warmest regards,

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  2. I really like your blog so you can count me in as one of your followers. Though my interests are not quite as broad (I stick to ‘new’ food and tastes), I love to read and discover new experiences.
    Looking forward to your next post. From the Cookhouse-


  3. I love your blog!!!! Your photography is beautiful! You are so creative and I need to steal that Christmas quilt…jealous!
    The Sewing Expert! 🙂


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