I’m NEW to couponing

The internet is great for a lot of things and saving money is one of them. I recently had a good friend tutor me on Extreme Couponing. Although she doesn’t consider herself an ‘extremist’, she’s a lot more experienced than I am! So I’m giving it a try. It’s such an individualized skill. What works for my friend doesn’t really work for me. For instance, she has multiple Sunday newspapers delivered to her home each week; yet I find I hardly used any of the newspaper coupons. I have found the blogs that post local deals really helpful…as well as coupons.com. So I have a NEW awareness of “deals” now and try to take advantage of them. I also like to earn Swagbucks. I figure I’m searching the internet anyway…I might as well search for a few thing via Swagbucks. (I tried their toolbar for a while, but ended up taking it off…the less add-ons I have to slow down my computer, the better).

So, are YOU taking advantage of the deals in your area? There are NEW ones every day!

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