NEWbie to link parties

Since I’m so new at blogging, I’m constantly surprised at the many link parties and various ways people have come up with to share this fun media of blogging. Today I found a “Favorite photo of the week’ party at Simple As That.  What a great idea!….loved looking at the great photography too! I’m sure there are more such parties…I’m excited to find them!  (I think this Lone Leaf on a Log is my fav for this week).

4 thoughts on “NEWbie to link parties

  1. I’m going to a christmas party and you have to go in fancy dress and I would like to go as something new like a character from a popular christmas film. Any ideas welcome.. My sister is going as reindeer. My mum is going as a christmas pudding. My dads going as turkey so i cant go as any of them. I would also like to go in a female costume since i am female :).


  2. Me too, am new to blogging but has learn so much through blogging. Especailly coming across shots like yours.. simply beautiful


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