NEW Foreign Language Skills

I wanted this blog to explore newness on a variety of subjects…not just crafts, recipes etc. However I’ve found that my quest to improve my photography skills lends better to photographing cutsie crafts and yummy eats than my foreign language endeavors. Oh well…c’est la vie!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any ‘real’ foreign language skills.  However I would love to acquire some! Each time I try to learn some, I don’t keep up the practice and promptly forget what I learned. I do have a sister who is a foreign language Queen….maybe I’ll have to go converse with her! She recently taught me a new french word. We were touring the Parade of Homes together and she mentioned that Etageres were very popular (or should I say avant garde?) The picture at the top of this post is an Etagere….an open-backed shelf. Ever since I learned that new word, I’ve been seeing it quite a few places!

Most of us probably know more foreign words than we realize! Check out this ‘French Words and Expressions in English’ at and see if you’re already using some foreign words!

Explore some Foreign Language Newness today!  There’s lots of resources to do so…check some out!

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