a NEW recommendation

I have a NEW recommendation for you!  This company does not know I exist (so, no, they’re not paying me for this).  And I didn’t know this little tool existed either…until last week.

I was excited to put up our new Christmas tree because it is the pre-lit kind.  (Putting lights on the tree has been my hubby’s job, and no, he didn’t particularly enjoy it).  So, I brought the tree home from the store and put it up.  See that dark section?  Not very lovely!!!  My hubby looked and looked for the bad bulb, but that was  a nightmare since there is a coat of flocking all over the bulbs.  So I went back into the store and they told me I could take down my tree and bring it back in – OR – buy the little tool that they use and try to find the bad bulb ourselves.  I chose the latter!  It took less than three minutes to find the bad bulb with the help of this little guy.  NICE!

Happy Decorating!

(I bought mine at Lowes; see link here; but I think they’re cheaper at Amazon)