Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary

snowflakecollageGood morning! I haven’t posted anything about my thoughts and feelings regarding the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary until today, because….well honestly, there were just no words to describe them.  There STILL are no words, but I wanted to share one little (actually, tiny) thing I did to perhaps brighten the days of the children who will be returning to school in January.  You’ve probably all heard of the Snowflake Project for Sandy Hook Elementary, so I quickly made a snowflake garland that I’ll send to Connecticut for their PTA members to put up in the hallways and make it look like a Winter Wonderland.  I served as a PTA President for my son’s school a few years ago, and I’m happy to send my very small contribution to them to help with that project.

I’ve seen multiple addresses where we can send our snowflakes.  If you are interested in sending some and need an address, you can check on Pink Polka Dot Creation’s blog.

Take care, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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