a NEW photography list to “focus” on


Hi all!  Well, I recently visited a very fun blog called Artsyville!  Don’t you love that name?!?  It’s a very fun site and every Tuesday, they have “List It Tuesday”.  Last week I was browsing through the contributor’s lists and learned a few NEW things!  It’s like having a few nice conversations with a few people, and learning fun new tidbits about a variety of topics etc.!   So I decided I’d join the fun this week!  This week they don’t have the usual ‘assigned’ topic….we’re supposed to just make up a list.  So I’m going to share my to-do list with you!  My photography-related bucket sort-of list!  So here ya go:

1. Plan a composite photo shoot

2. Visit 5 National Parks in 2013 and photograph the landscape at each

3. Purchase a macro lens

4. Read 12 photography-related books in 2013 to increase knowledge and photography skills

5. Photography as many living relatives as possible and upload into your genealogy database

6. Have someone take a ‘Spring’ family portrait. (We already have a Fall and a Winter)

7. Organize all photos in Lightroom

8. Tag all people in photos using Windows 8

9.  Volunteer to be Team Photographer for my son’s tennis team

10. Print a ‘Yearbook’ of family photos

I’m starting with 10….if you want to check out more, Click It Up A Notch has a bucket list of over 77 items at their site.  It’s fun to get additional ideas for later!

6 thoughts on “a NEW photography list to “focus” on

  1. Hi There, Thanks for the information about Lightroom. Any place that organizes photos has to be on my go to list.

    I photograph using my iPhone with pretty good results, but you sound like a professional photographer!


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