a NEW project (memorization program)


***Francis Bacon, the philosopher, scientist, and author said, “It is not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strong; not what we earn but what we save that makes us rich; not what we learn but what we remember that makes us wise.”***

Isn’t that so true!?!?!   So…I’ve started a NEW memorization program!  It’s awesome and so far so good!!! (I’ve been at it a little over a week:o)  There are sooo many things I can use this program with….scriptures, vocabulary words, quotes, foreign languages etc etc etc.!  I’m starting with scriptures.  My son introduced me to this program (see instructions he emailed me below…sorry for the quality, it looks like it’s been passed around a bit).  My son has memorized hundreds of scriptures!  It’s a GREAT program which I think I’ll try to implement with various projects!  

Have a great day everyone!  Learn (AND REMEMBER) something NEW today!

3 thoughts on “a NEW project (memorization program)

  1. Hey, what a great idea. I think I just may try this out too. Thanks for sharing. It’s also a great way to exercise the mind and keep it healthy.


    • Let me know if you do try it. It is a very good program….I can’t say I’ve kept it up daily, but I do know a LOT more scriptures {by heart} than I did a year ago!


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