Learning NEW things about tulips


Hello! Aren’t tulips BEAUTIFUL!!!!???!!!  I volunteered at a local tulip  festival today and after my shift, I just had to go around and take some pics of these fabulous beauties!  Did you know there are over 109 different species of tulips?  Wowza!  Check these out:



AND look at this interesting one…an upside-down tulip!  I tried to search for the actual name and one website had a similar looking one (only in red) and said the locals in Turkey call it the Weeping Bride Tulip.  But if any of you know the actual name of this specie, please leave me a comment and let me know!


Also, now I think I want to read Alexandre Dumas’ book ‘The Black Tulip’!  I’ll let you know my review on that in a later post.   I also need to enter a to-do item on my calendar for the fall:  Plant more tulip bulbs!!!

Have a great day everyone!  Go and do or learn something NEW! 

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    • Thank you so much for the nominations! I appreciate them very much. I’ve had fun visiting the other sites you nominated….I always love finding great, NEW sites! Thanks again!


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