a NEW Goal: Learn how to bite my tongue when appropriate


Yes, this is my NEW goal! :o)  I need to learn to bite my tongue on certain occasions!  My husband can tell you about the MANY occasions when I should have!  Is there a class where I can learn this?  Who is the expert in this field?  Is there an online tutorial somewhere?

Let me tell you of the latest occasion…when I should have bit, and bit hard! 😮  I recently joined a friend at the airport to greet her son who had been out of the country for many months.  While waiting, she was telling me of her husband’s views on a certain tradition some families have in this area.   Although her husband finds fault with it, I happen to know it is simply how families show their love and support.  So, I jokingly said to her, “I’m going to text Joe (her husband) and say Fine, let your son wonder if he’s loved or not”.  I’m sure she thought this was the most illogical comment ever, (since she didn’t know my thought process)….and because OF COURSE their son knows he’s loved!

I think that comment (that should have been squelched behind my pearly whites digging into my pink taste buds) was also a defensive knee-jerk reactive comment.  You see, one of my big pet peeves in life is people who are judgemental and stereotypical.  I even remember writing a paper and doing an  oral report in college about people who stereotype.  Does that make me judgemental about people who are judgemental???  Ha!  Anyway…adding to this mix, I’m sure, was previous comments I’ve heard from Joe about this state’s dominant religion and how he finds fault with its culture….which,  of course, I found to be quite stereotypical.

So!  I’m going to try to bite my tongue more!  I realize it’s not the most concrete goal….but I’m going to work on it!