NEW photos of my week #24


Good morning all!  I went shooting early this morning…not really planning to go on a flag hunt, but it turned out that way:o).  I named my collage ‘July Photo Hunt’….but you’ll forgive me, right? (Since it’s really only June 30th)?  These were all taken within a couple of miles of my home.

I think everyone should go on a flag hunt!!!  Although we love our country year-round, there’s no better time to get some great shots of our beautiful Red White and Blue than this time of year!  Here’s my favorite:


And when I was ready to head home (my stomach needed breakfast!)…I decided to drive down one more street…and as I turned the corner, I SQUEALED with delight when I saw this:


Have a great day everyone.  Do or Learn something NEW!

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5 thoughts on “NEW photos of my week #24

  1. Wow ! Love your Fourth of July mosaic photos and great blog and photos and good for you looking for something new each day ~ so glad you ‘stopped by’ ~ Happy 4th to you!


  2. I love the concept of this entire blog – so happy to have found it! Beautiful pictures – you can’t go wrong with red, white, and blue! And that trailer – what a find! Have a lovely 4th of July!


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