movie watching – my NEW approach


I’ll admit I’m not a huge movie-goer, but I DO like the REALLY good ones!  I typically wait until I get several “It’s fabulous” reviews before I spend my precious two hours or so watching a movie 😮

However, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that my opinion of those precious two hours (or so) seems to increase if the movie is based on a book and if I’ve read the book beforehand.  It just seems like the return on my two-hour investment is somehow greater….for some reason.  I recently watched Shadowlands and although I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone by saying “It’s FABULOUS”, I really enjoyed it because I had just recently finished the book “Through the Shadowlands“.   If I would have seen this movie at the local movie rental store, I wouldn’t have known it was based on the life of C.S. Lewis and I don’t think I’d ever pick it up.  Of course, I’ll still watch the highly rated and fabulously reviewed films, but otherwise, I think I’ll make it a point to find movies that are based on books and watch them shortly after reading the book.  I found this website that will help me: Books To Movies.

If any of you know of any movies based on books that are FABULOUS….let me know and I’ll start with those 😮

MAKE it a GREAT day everyone…DO or Learn something NEW!

2 thoughts on “movie watching – my NEW approach

  1. Shadowlands has long been a favorite movie with me. The acting is excellent by everyone in the movie. I was at one time a movie theater manager. I firmly believe an average movie beats most anything you can find on television. But nothing tops a good book.


    • So true! Not much on tv these days (or very few) worth watching. My priorities match yours…a good book, a good movie, then tv as a last resort :o) By the way, I enjoy poking around your site! Love family history!


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