lovin’ my NEW kitchen


I thought I’d finally post the before and after pics from our kitchen remodel.  I’m LOVING my NEW kitchen!  The family didn’t really appreciate how long it took {we think our contractor could have scheduled the subs a bit more efficiently}…but it’s FINALLY done, and we are really enjoying it!  Before we started this project, I thought and thought how I might change the kitchen’s layout; but nothing practical presented itself.  We didn’t want to mess with the flooring, because it was just fine –  so we just got NEW cabinet faces and countertops and we called it good!  Here are a few details:


I  love, loVE, LOVE my NEW knife drawer!


A bunch of miscellaneous utensils/tools that used to be stored in a drawer are now stored vertically in a pull-out shelf.  Much more efficient!


The VERY tiny cupboards to the right of my stove used to be pretty useless!  Now I have NEW pull-out spice cupboards.


I’ve always used these dish pans to store my plastic-ware in; but having them on these pull-out shelves has been REALLY nice.  My plastic-ware seems to stay organized longer now, for some reason!


I like having my soap on a plate!  Before, it seemed to always leave a yucky ring on my countertop.  (But my countertop used to be white, so now maybe I wouldn’t see the yucky ring on the black…but, I still like the plate).


And lastly, I like my NEW over-the-sink light fixture and NEW curtains!  I scored when my friend said she had two extra fixtures from her remodel. (I’d looked around and hadn’t found one I liked…so I was THRILLED when she said I could buy one from her).

And, of course, one project leads to another!  We got a NEW back door in the dining room and a few NEW décor items.  We still have more projects to finish…so I’ll post on that progress later.


So what’s NEW with YOU!?!?  Hope you have a great day!

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  2. I really like your new kitchen! The detail over your window is lovely and really sets off the light fixture and your curtains. I adore all those touches of turquoise.

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