NEW thoughts on being a “Pollyanna”


OK…do NOT laugh at me, but I just recently finished reading the book ‘Pollyanna’ for the first time in my life!  Yikes!  What took me so long?  Actually, I never really had the desire to read it  before.  It seemed to me, to be a very old-fashioned book which I thought I already knew the plot…(an overly optimistic girl who constantly looked at life through rose-colored glasses).  At least that is the stereo-typed synopsis of the book!  Well, I think I’ve mentioned before that I really DO NOT appreciate stereotypes, so I’m soooo GLAD I finally read the book so I can debunk that general view of this story!

I figured this book was a classic and since it is referenced quite often, I  wanted to read it for myself.  I really liked it!  Pollyanna was a very optimistic little girl, but there is nothing in the book to describe her as being ‘blindly’ optimistic , or excessively so.  There were quite a few instances in the story where Pollyanna was sad, disappointed or discouraged; but she simply had developed the skills to see the positives in life.  I think more people should develop such a skill!  Although the counseling profession would most likely suffer a bit :o)

I think the next time I hear someone derogatorily refer to someone as being a “Pollyanna”, I’ll ask them if they’ve even read the book.  (Probably not, right?)

Have a great day!  Do or Learn OR READ something NEW!  Even if it’s a 100-year-old book that you thought you already knew the plot!

6 thoughts on “NEW thoughts on being a “Pollyanna”

  1. I’m going to have to add Pollyanna to my reading list. I’ve never read it either, but thanks to you I will be soon! I totally agree – more people should learn how to see the positives in life, because EVERY situation has an rose-colored component.


  2. I remember enjoying the Disney film too. Starred Haley Miles. Fun to watch as a kid. And I agree, I never saw being a Pollyanna as necessarily bad if it meant picking yourself up and moving on.


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