NEW photos of my week #39


I finally went out shooting yesterday morning….it was 9 degrees!  Brrrr!


I like how the frost by this little stream gathered on one side and not the other.  You know, I’ve gotten into a little habit of trying to learn something NEW based on some aspect of my photos lately….so today I researched some interesting NEW tidbits about frost.   I learned about Hoar Frost and Advection Frost.  Who knew there were different categories of FROST!!!?!! :o)

Have a great day!

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10 thoughts on “NEW photos of my week #39

  1. Oh I really do like that first one. And I’ve just recently found out about hoar frost too because of other blogs that have posted pictures of it.


  2. Hoar Frost and Advection Frost…. do share you new found knowledge: what is the difference?

    I know hoar frost and rime, and ground frost and black ice, but I haven’t heard of advection…


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