another NEW culinary term…aioli


Today I learned a NEW culinary term: aioli.  A month or so ago, I researched and posted a list of 100 culinary terms.  However, I guess I need a more extensive list because roux wasn’t on there, and now aioli wasn’t either!  I’ll keep looking for a more complete glossary of culinary terms to share with you.  BUT, today I did learn that ‘aioli’ was a garlic flavored mayonnaise.  So I after I found that out, I thought the name of this NEW recipe I tried was a little redundant:  Crispy Brussel Sprouts with a Garlic Aioli.   Am I Right?!?   It should probably just be called Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Aioli Dip!!!  {Or am I being overly picky?}

This NEW recipe was really quick and easy to put together.  I first got the idea to make it at Sew Many Ways.  I think it’s a pretty (and nutritious) appetizer!  Try it out!


5 thoughts on “another NEW culinary term…aioli

  1. Hey Lenore! I see you’re experimenting with brussels sprouts, too! Hope you can find some inspiration on my blog. Personally I LOVE aioli – try having it with chips, in a burger, or even with fish. Try aioli once, be addicted forever 😉


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