Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff I gotta share


Oh! I’m so excited that Spring is finally coming…(although we had a few snow flurries today)…I’m certain more and more color will arrive and be waiting for me to photograph it soon!  Yeah!!!

Well today, along with these NEW daffodils and grape hyacinths, I want to share a couple of other NEW miscellaneous/random items that have caught my attention lately:


Here’s a NEW photography tip I learned this week, called the Sunny 16 Rule.  Interesting!  Since photography is very subjective to a variety of factors of conditions and camera settings,  I was a bit surprised that this ‘Rule’ even existed.  Too bad I didn’t learn this rule in the dead of winter, when I could’ve practiced it on the white landscape of December, January and February!  Oh well, maybe next year!

Another random thing…I just have to say how much I LOVE being in a book club.  First, it pretty much forces me to read books I’m sure I wouldn’t come across and read on my own.  (And they have ALL been REALLY GOOD books)!!!  But I think my favorite thing about my book club is listening to different perspectives.  It’s kind of an added education, all its own.  This month’s book was Unraveled by Julie Daines….


…and it was so interesting to hear the other women in the group  comment how they’d really like their daughters to read this book.  Since I have only sons, these thoughts obviously didn’t enter my mind, but I can absolutely understand their perspective…when I think about it.  The book has a strong message about the importance of appreciating our inner-beauty – something I too would like my daughter to read (if I had a daughter)!  I just really love reading and sharing thoughts about the books we’ve read in our group.  If you don’t belong to a book club….FIND ONE TO JOIN!  Seriously! 🙂

Have a great Monday!  Do or Learn Something NEW!!!

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10 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff I gotta share

    • Yes! I’m on the hunt for a photography club that would be a good fit for me….not too many around here though (maybe I’d better just start one!). BTW, I LOVE the images on your site!!!


  1. Your first shot is a LOVELY spring shot!
    I must go check out the link. I don’t think we will have
    any more snow but ….. 🙂


  2. Oh I can’t wait to see Spring start to “pop up” around here. Right now…I feel we are on the cusp. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography…AND for that “sunny 16 rule” link!


  3. Love the spring flowers, and thank you for sharing the Sunny 16 Rule – we still have snow to practice on.
    I’ve read about a number of bloggers belonging to book clubs, I’ll have to look for one where I live.


  4. I love the idea of joining a book club but find it so hard to find time to read these days that I worry I’d never manage to finish the book!


    • I can totally relate! Life is busy…everyone in our group just knows that sometimes not everyone will have time to finish the selected book, and not everyone can come each month, but its great when they do. :o)


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