Miscellaneous Monday – NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  Well, I just wanted to share this NEW photo of a very old and dilapidated house.  It’s seen better days, I’m sure!

Also…here is a very random thought I had recently:  Since I grew up in the U.S. which has very liberally baby naming laws (you can basically name your own child anything you want to)…I was quite surprised when I learned something NEW….the fact that other countries weren’t so accommodating.  I thought these news articles were interesting:  “Who, What, Why: Why do some countries regulate baby names?”  and “8 Counties with Fascinating Baby Naming Laws”  I actually went searching for the French list of names because a friend told me France has a similar baby naming law – but I couldn’t find their list.  I simply found that trivia a bit interesting.  If you know of any other country name trivia – let me know! OK?

Have a great Monday!

Update: After I posted this, I noticed at The Day After that they are having a A Lingering Look at Architecture challenge! (Abandoned Architecture)  I had no idea, BUT, I’ll just say I’ve accepted the challenge :o)   Go check it out…there’s some GREAT shots!



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