a NEW photo and NEW textures


Hello! Well, I FINALLY did it!  I’ve been wanting to start experimenting with textures via Kim Klassen’s site for quite a few weeks now, but life is busy, ya know!?!.  But today I actually downloaded some free textures that she offers (Thank you Kim!) and watched her tutorial and created the photo above.  I think I’ll be hooked now!  So many of my online friends are taking her classes and I can’t wait to join in the fun.

I’ll be sharing this at Texture Tuesday at Kim’s site.  So fun!


Have a great day! Do or Learn something NEW!

11 thoughts on “a NEW photo and NEW textures

  1. Beautiful picture! Love the ‘vase’. I love Kim, been taking her classes and playing with textures (love) for many years now. It’s addictive. I’ve had to take a break this year with too much going on (sad). I enjoyed perusing your blog. Your photography is beautiful and I love your motto to do or try something new…


  2. Believe me once you start you will be hooked. I love taking Kim’s classes, she is an excellent teacher. I love her presets and textures too! Welcome… looking forward to seeing more of your photos. Love your vase and your photo is very nice done!


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