NEW photos and OLD memories


Happy Friday!  I recently took these photos of my old ballet shoes.  These brought back a bunch of OLD memories, because it seems I spent a lot of my time in the ballet studio!

In the photo below, I used Kim Klassen’s Waterfront18 texture, and I’ll link to Kim’s Friday Finds today.


Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!


15 thoughts on “NEW photos and OLD memories

  1. Lovely shots! I too spent hours in a ballet studio — I still crave the smell of old wood and rosin and sweat than only a ballet studio has! ; )

    This is a new blog for me — so nice to have discovered it from Kim’s Friday Finds. : )


  2. Great to see your pointe shoes…I’ve been waiting to see them since you commented on my post in the Pointe Shoe Series. Enjoy your weekend!


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