Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  So along with the above collage of miscellaneous monochromes…here’s a few other random things I’ve found interesting lately:

I saw this recently and loved it!


The décor at my hubby’s work office…(the very few personal items he has there, at least)… is a bicycle theme – so I HAD to print this out and frame it for him to take to work.  :o)  It made me laugh.

I also recently read…


…and enjoyed it very much.  Why?  Because I’m such a brain science junkie, I guess.  It had lots of research backing up their statements.  I saw a lot of truth in it…just from observing people throughout the years.  To boil it down very simply:  Confidence is linked to DOING.  The more we DO something, the more confident we are that we can succeed at it.  I know that’s not rocket science, but the book had a lot of really good advice – especially for women, and it was well-written.

And lastly, as tradition goes…here’s my weekly NEW food find:  I’ve never heard of taro root before – not to mention taro root ice cream.  Sounds interesting!  I hope to try it….sometime. :o)

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!





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