learning a bunch of NEW stuff about broken necks!


Phew!!! Happy Wednesday…it’s been one long week!!!…and it’s only the middle of the week!  My wonderful hubby broke his neck and so I’m learning all sorts of NEW things about vertebras, braces, etc…but we are extremely blessed to have him still with us!

I’ll probably be MIA for a while or at least posting sporadically (except for the few posts I already have pre-scheduled).

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!



22 thoughts on “learning a bunch of NEW stuff about broken necks!

  1. I am so sorry! Your attitude is an inspiration – instead of asking “Why me?” you are already focusing on gratitude and working through the situation. Sounds as if your husband is in good hands medically -speaking – and that can be a huge relief. The body has an amazing ability to heal and I will pray for a full recovery for your husband. An x-ray is the perfect picture for today’s post.


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