a NEW photo of my week…and Birthday Wishes


Happy Friday!  AND…Happy Birthday to my son #3 and son #4  (son #3 on the right , family friend in the middle and son #4 on the left).  This pic was taken just last week on our vacation (day before Dad broke his neck).  They were both born on October 24th but three years apart.  Our tradition is to give them breakfast in bed on their b-days.  They got it, but just not simultaneously since Dad wasn’t here to help me carry up the breakfast trays :o)….or help me sing happy b-day.  The boys didn’t appreciate that I tried to start a NEW tradition: I picked the first YouTube video on my ‘Happy Birthday song’ search and it happened to be The Chickmunks.   They thought they were too annoying…for some reason!

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!

LInking to: Skywatch Friday


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