Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday! You know, my efforts to get something NEW up on my mantle every month may end up taking longer than just this year to complete.  Life gets busy! So, although January’s mantle isn’t exactly what I envisioned it to be…at least a few NEW items got up this month.  I had planned on spraying the window with frost and maybe put some snowflakes in each pane….kind of like this:


….but, oh well, the month’s almost over and it looks like it’s not happenin’!  Little by little, right?!?  Maybe next year. :o)

So, what else is NEW?  For my birthday, I got a Fitbit. I’ve enjoyed being more aware (ultra-aware) of how many steps I take, tracking my sleep, water intake etc.  I’ve read that it’s sometimes better to make a one-word New Year’s Resolution.  If so, I think my resolution should be: Move More!  Since my job entails sitting at a computer all day, that is something I definitely should do more of! The Fitbit helps with that!   I also enjoyed OK Namaste’s post on “mindful eating” since I’ve been on my ‘awareness’ kick this month!

Well, have a terrific day!  Do so learn something NEW!


4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share

  1. I think your mantle looks great! I also like your birthday present. My hubby got a Samsung Gear and is finding that the health features are helping him be more aware.


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