NEW photos of my week


Happy Friday!  If you saw yesterday’s Thursday’s Thought post, you’ll notice these pics are all quite similar!  Here’s the rest from that photo shoot.   My Mother-in-Law, that just moved in with us, received a bouquet of flowers from her daughter and I stole them for this shoot….and with Valentine’s Day coming up, I have LOVE on my mind :o)

I was actually inspired by this ABSOLUTELY LOVELY post at LavenderBleu blog

rosesovermusic2 rosesovermusictex3 trheeroses

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!

I’ll link to Kim Klassen’s site today

15 thoughts on “NEW photos of my week

  1. Thanks for visiting my birdblog. Sorry you did not catch any image yourself. But there will be more birds to tey your luck on.
    I see you share fine art images. Would love to see you in my artmeme too. NF DAM. Digital art meme. Last one opened earler today at


  2. Oh my, those roses are absolutely lovely! The color is such a luscious pink. I really love the last shot with the sheet music in the background. And aren’t you a fantastic DIL to let your MIL move in with you!! 🙂


  3. Your roses and sheet music are simply beyond lovely Lenore!! I am honored by your link and so happy you were inspired to make these beautiful images to share today!! Have a lovely weekend!


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