PERSPECTIVE: Life Depends on How You Look at Things!

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Any dictionary would give two basic definitions for the noun, perspective:

1.  The representation in a drawing of parallel lines converging to give the illusion of depth and distance.


2.  The human capacity to view things in such a way as to see relationships and relative importance.

Those definitions are accurate but do little to explore the importance of perspective in day-to-day living.  They do share the idea of illusion, suggesting that what we see can change depending on lots of things:  our line of sight, expectations and assumptions, past experiences, other people’s views and input, ongoing events, and hundreds of other little things.

Perspective encourages us to look beyond ourselves, see things from other points of view and recognize the varying importance or significance of something.  Perspective says to throw assumptions and common expectations out the window, to look for something new and different. Perspective helps…

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