a NEW food foto Friday


Happy Friday!

I decided it has been quite a while since I did any food photography…so:  Here’s our left-overs from last night.  Yeah, leaf-overs…thrilling! Right!?!? {I hope that’s not what the fortune from my cookie is referring to!}


Actually, this fried rice is left-overs of left-overs.  We had plain rice left-over from another meal, and since my body-building son moved out (along with his appetite) we seem to have oodles of food laying around!  I kind of, sort of used this recipe HERE…but with my own adaptations…(meaning I left out any ingredients that weren’t readily available and added ham :o)  But it was delicious!


We added “Ready-to-eat-‘Pop-’em-in-the-Microwave” egg rolls from Costco and Wha-la…dinner!

Maybe I’ll be in the mood to really cook one of these days.  But this sustained us until our next meal, so all’s good.

Have a great day!  Do or learn or cook something NEW!

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