4 thoughts on “a NEW Thursday Thought

    • This is near a natural springs area up in the mountains behind our home. We took the ‘long way’…on a dirt road, on our four-wheelers. It was a nice autumn ride. We’ve done this ride two years in a row now. Does that make it a tradition? :o) Have a great day, Crystal!

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      • Oh, I think it does make it a tradition! It’s all about your perception. My Tara would make a tradition out of things we had only done once, if it was fun enough. I would hear Tara talking to friends, “Oh we ALWAYS go to the beach for Easter,” when really we had just done it that one time, ha ha. 🙂 I took it as a vote to do it again. So if it occurs to you that the Autumn ride could be a tradition, it might be a hint that you actually want it to be a tradition.


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