a NEW photo and a short Sunday sermon


Ah! It’s finally Spring! Wonderful, beautiful colors to photograph….finally! :o)


Happy Sunday! This photo is simply a snapshot of an original Gutenberg Bible that we saw in the New York Public Library recently.  It’s hard to get impressive photographs from behind a glaring glass box and florescent library lighting.  Sorry about that!…and the display write up (below) is even worse quality – but if you click on it, you can probably read it ok. It was interesting.

I thought about how it must have been like to live in the dark ages – how it must have finally felt like Spring when beautiful opportunities started coming about….like having printing presses and hence the Holy Bible and other scriptures available for common people to read.  It must have felt like…Ah! Finally Spring! :o)


Unlike this bad quality photo above…for today’s sermon, you can read a good quality message about The Miracle of the Holy Bible.

And lastly, here’s some murals from the NY Public Library.  That building is quite the place!


Have a great day!  Do something NEW!

2 thoughts on “a NEW photo and a short Sunday sermon

  1. Many city libraries are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the sneak peak of this one. That printing on the bible is magnificent.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful tulips and hyacinths. They were a delight to see.

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