Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

Well, tennis season is in full swing and here’s a shot of some miscellaneous rackets. If only we could turn OFF the rain when the high school matches are scheduled!  I love the rain, but not so much while I’m trying to watch my son’s matches.

Other miscellaneous stuff….what I’ve been reading lately:


It was interesting to learn how our country (tried) to help orphaned or unwanted children before our current foster care program was put in place. I liked the format of presenting the character’s prospectives in modern day as well as early 20th century.


And I finally got around to reading “Matched”, which I received at my Book Club’s Christmas book exchange…oh probably at least two years ago.  It’s definitely for YA, and I’m kind of miffed at how it ended – but it’s the first book in a trilogy, so I should’ve expected that “left hangin’ ” feeling.  Right?

Next up on the reading list is:


This book was chosen by our book club hostess this month.  I’ll try to remember to review it after I get it read.  :o)  Have a terrific Monday.  Do or read something NEW!





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