a NEW photo and a short Sunday sermon


Happy Sunday!  So I’ve shared a lot of my closeup shots from Butchart Gardens, but here’s an overview of it…(although, it’s only one section of that huge, gorgeous place).  And for today’s short sermon, I’ll simply share an overview of what the Book of Mormon is all about – because I know so many people who just haven’t taken the time to find out. This video (HERE) is less than 3 minutes long, but hopefully you’ll learn something NEW.

Have a wonderful day!


1 thought on “a NEW photo and a short Sunday sermon

  1. I haven’t been reading blog posts for ages, but flipping through my email I spotted this photo today and recognized it instantly. I visited a year and a half ago, and I am so pleased when anyone else gets to go. Isn’t it wonderful?

    I also watched the video on LDS. I used to be Mormon so I was interested in how the whole idea could be condensed and I think it was done pretty well.

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