a NEW artistic attempt


Happy Friday! (AND Happy Fall, Ya’ll!)

Alright, all you artists out there….don’t judge.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I’m such a wanna-be artist.  But really, I should’ve started years ago!  I need a whole lot of practice! I figured taking an art class might kick me in the pants enough to practice – at least a little bit consistently.  I don’t know what got into me…what I was thinking…but I signed up for an online beginner watercolor course, a beginning fiction writing course, and as I mentioned earlier, I’m obsessed with art journals.  OK…I should really tackle one thing at a time. I know! (I really don’t know where I’m going to find the time to do all this either!)

However, I did find the time to fulfill one of the watercolor assignments.  It was to sketch a drawing and watercolor it…then NOT sketch but paint the same picture.  The pumpkin above was for that assignment – then, after I uploaded it, I couldn’t resist putting some text and texture on it, just for fun.

I can see all my goofy-unprofessional mistakes glaring at me, but I’m trying not to care. One of the online teachers said:  “Don’t let the spirit of comparison kill your spirit of creativity” (or something like that).  I figure I can only improve – I can only get better, right? I want to learn something NEW, so I’m gonna do it!

Have a great day! Now, YOU go do or learn something NEW!



7 thoughts on “a NEW artistic attempt

  1. It’s wonderful! I love the simplicity and the saying. Great job, and good for you for DOING instead of thinking about doing!


  2. You did an amazing job! Watercolor is not easy and you pulled it off. I find your art to be fabulous!
    I too love art journals but as of late I have been way to busy to even open mine! I just got back to AZ and have had two sets of guests and the third set is coming this weekend. Plus hot air balloon rides toooooooo! HA HA HA


  3. Ohhhhhh that’s BRILLIANT!!!

    It has light and shade in the places it should have light and shade. It’s not ‘flat’, but dimensional. It has colour in shades. It has movement and it looks wonderful.

    Your idea of its “goofy-unprofessional mistakes” are you interpreting your individual artistic style as not being ‘correct’. Each of us has our own way of painting – that’s how specialists can identify an unsigned masterpiece!

    Your tutor is right. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Only compare yourself to YOU. Your style is totally different from A,B, C or D (and all the other letters of the alphabet) so your works of art (heart) will be totally different from theirs.

    You have inside you a spark which is talking to you. It’s an artists spark, and it’s looking for an outlet … listen to it. Give it air. Allow a spark to turn into a flame. Your pumpkin is truly beautiful. If it wasn’t … I wouldn’t have commented.

    Please keep going. You need to have faith in yourself. YOU CAN DO IT! You already have.
    Sending hugs ~ Cobs. x

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