Wednesday’s What’s NEW with YOU? (a tagging experience)


I’ve decided I’ll post a tagging experience every Wednesday, because I’d like to hear more about ‘What’s NEW with YOU’! I get to learn what’s NEW from sites I follow, but I’d like to know something NEW from other people who YOU follow (who I haven’t gotten acquainted with yet). And I figured maybe you would too.

So, If you’d like to participate, here’s what to do:

  • Write a post about something NEW you learned, or something you tried, did, experienced etc., and also include something NEW you learned about from another site you follow (be sure to link to the other site as well).
  • Please tag your post with “what’s-NEW?”  (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Link (Pingback) your post to this post. That way, I can post all the great NEW stuff going on the following Wednesday for everyone to see.
  • Have fun realizing all the NEW things you do or learn!

Here’s mine for today:  I’m starting a NEW tagging experience on my blog every Wednesday, Oh! but you already knew that. Haha! What I’ve learned from another blog I follow: I’m learning very interesting things about the UK.  I’m traveling there next May, so I’m on the look out for everything possibly related. Here’s a wonderfully interesting post about London Pride, Pashley Garden, Ticehurst, UK at The Travel Lady in Her Shoes blog.  I would LOVE to visit those gardens when we go! The Travel Lady in Her Shoes has many, many other great posts as well!

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW! And I hope you join this NEW tagging experience! :o)

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