Miscellaneous Monday – NEW stuff i gotta share


Mt. Vesuvius

(The volcano that erupted and buried the ancient Roman city of Pompeii in ash)

See, this is why I really like reading all of your blogs!  I learn NEW stuff: I enjoyed seeing Maureen’s photo of Mt. Taranaki and I since I hadn’t heard of Mt. Taranaki, I googled it. Google informed me where it was, and what kind of volcano it was. I either didn’t know there were different classifications of volcanoes, or I had forgot!  So, after I read her blog I had to go research the difference between stratovolcanoes, and shield volcanoes etc. I’m just a research junky!

One thing led to another and since I had just recently visited Pompeii, I had to find out what type of volcano Mt. Vesuvius was (it’s also classified as a stratovolcano – same as Mt. Taranaki). Here’s a few more pics from Pompeii:


On our trip, I also learned that the term “stepping stones” originated from these literal stepping stones that were sort of like a cross-walk on a street.  Back in 70AD there would have been sewage and muck running down the streets and people didn’t want to walk in that stuff!  You can even see the tracks from chariots between the stepping stones!  It was an amazing place to see!


So, that’s the miscellaneous tidbits I had to share today!  Have a terrific day and do or learn something NEW!


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