a NEW photo and a short Sunday sermon


This is a photo of my gr-gr-grandfather.  He lived through a time when people (mobs) persecuted members of his faith and drove them from their homes (and this was in America – the supposed ‘Land of the Free’)! He and many others were essentially religious refugees.  So I need to remember to help, serve and do what I can to help modern-day refugees.

I thought this video (link below) was really well done.  It was a good reminder to me that I need to “Be that Someone”. Life is so hard for many people – especially refugees.  It’s called:

“Be the Someone –  A refugee’s life is changed by the volunteers and friends who helped her adapt to a new environment.”


My big question was HOW?  I don’t personally know any refugees.  My answer came from this article:  40 Ways to Help Refugees.

Have a great Sunday! Do, learn OR HELP, someone NEW!










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