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So far, I’m enjoying my “Classics Reading Challenge“.  3 out of 12 are done…in the books, as they say. This challenge gives me the boost to read things I normally wouldn’t pick up.  It’s exactly why I love belonging to my book club group.  Having others pick a book, and having the opportunity to read it, digest it, discuss it, is just one of those things I really enjoy.


BUT…on to the announcement of my next NEW challenge! I recently read a blog that had a series called “30 days of…”  and I figured I could try a NEW challenge for the next 30 days.  So, I’ve decided to de-junk or organize something different for the next 30 days.  There’s something about writing my challenges here on this blog.  It somehow puts it out in the universe and then I’M COMMITTED!!! I HAVE to do it!!!! My only problem is what to do if I’m out of town?????  I’ve decided I just have to make it up by catching up.  As long as I’ve de-junked 30 spaces, I will have succeeded at the challenge. I’m planning on traveling next week, so I got a jump on my first two items.  Since I’m starting this mid-month, I’m calling this my “40 days of…”

Here’s my list:

  1. De-junk/Organize the middle drawer in the computer room bathroom {done}

2. De-junk/Organize the bottom drawer in the computer room bathroom {done}

3. De-junk/Organize the “manuals” accordion file {done}

4. De-junk/Organize the spice envelope container {done}

5. De-junk/Organize one shelf of linen closet {done}

6. De-junk/Organize the lazy susan in pantry {done}

7. De-junk/Organize the lazy susan in kitchen{done}

8. De-junk/Organize the bread drawer {done}

9. De-junk/Organize the dish cloths drawer {done}

10. De-junk/Organize your nail polish {done}

11. De-junk/Organize top shelf above microwave{done}

12. De-junk/Organize bottom shelf above microwave{done}

13. De-junk/Organize top drawer of small file cabinet{done}

14. De-junk/Organize bottom drawer of small file cabinet{done}

15. De-junk/Organize middle shelf of master bathroom {done}

16. De-junk/Organize top shelf of master bedroom {done}

17. De-junk/Organize middle shelf of master bedroom {done}

18. De-junk/Organize bottom shelf of master bedroom {done}

19. De-junk/Organize top drawer of night stand{done}

20. De-junk/Organize bottom drawer of night stand{done}

21. De-junk/Organize under hall bathroom sink {done}

22. De-junk/Organize under computer room bathroom sink {done}

23. De-junk/Organize mudroom hooks {done}

24. De-junk/Organize mudroom cubbies {done}

25. De-junk/Organize one shelf in south storage room {done}

26. De-junk/Organize one shelf in north storage room {done}

27. De-junk/Organize scripture basket{done}

28. De-junk/Organize left drawer in black side table {done}

29. De-junk/Organize middle drawer in black side table {done}

30. De-junk/Organize right drawer in black side table {done}

31. De-junk/Organize recipe binder{done}

32. De-junk/Organize shelf under printer {done}

33. De-junk/Organize middle console of car{done}

34. De-junk/Organize gift bag/wrapping paper stash {done}

35. De-junk/Organize floral craft stash {done}

36. De-junk/Organize top shelf of paper closet{done}

37. De-junk/Organize FHE packets {done}

38. De-junk/Organize canned goods {done}

39. De-junk/Organize bottom of top section of pull-out kitchen shelfs{done}

40. De-junk/Organize veggie bins {done}


Happy Friday!  Have a great day and do or challenge yourself with something NEW!






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  2. Great idea – I like how you’ve broken down your de-junking tasks into manageable pieces. Not just de-junk the house! My husband and I are in the middle of a de-junking phase. We have both committed to filling a trash bag a week of clutter and non-usable things. So far so good. Carry on!


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