Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday y’all!

Yes, isn’t Octobers da best!?!  Only another week and half of it though!  Novembers are good too though!  Pumpkin pie with oodles of whipped cream is coming our way! Yum!


So, what I’ve been up to:

My photography outing this week was to a Scarecrow festival.  Warning:  You’ll be seeing more scarecrows than you probably want to see in upcoming posts!

I’m going to call my Classics Reading Challenge ‘finished’.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find “La dame de Monsoreau” by Alexandre Dumas translated into English.  I tried!  But…I give up!  I’m done. It’s finished.  I enjoyed the challenge!  My last book to read was Dracula!  Good timing eh?  I just finish it this week – actually I “read” it by listening to the audio book on my commutes into work. That counts, right?  {pun intended :o}  Ha!

The gal who is hosting our book club this month is asking everyone to dress up!  I’m going as something similar to this:


I got an old white dress at the thrift store and my niece who is an expert seamstress added the gauzy embellishments etc.  I’ll try and have someone take some pics at book club that night and I’ll post them.  Creepy eh?

I got me {another} NEW camera :o)  One cannot have too many cameras!  This one is a high-end compact.  I’m gonna love carrying it around rather than my large DSL on our upcoming trip to New Zealand/Australia!  I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty of pics from that trip.  Can’t wait to go sailing through the fjords of NZ!

That’s it for this version of Monday’s Miscellany.  Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!




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