Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share

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Happy Monday!

I’m back to blogging (hopefully much more regularly)!  I’ve had a very time consuming work-related project that has monopolized my time, but now that I’m done with that, I plan to get back to what I enjoy doing…Exploring Newness (and blogging about it)! 👍😊

While I was busy with my project, my awesome hubby was busy too…with our laundry room project! You know, I’m convinced that the law of attraction pays attention to blog posts!

“Huh, what?” you say?

Well, in February of 2018, I shared a photograph of some laundry hanging in an alleyway in Italy (in this post HERE), and I mentioned a few things from my laundry room wish list – and the law of attraction has granted my wishes (well, my hubby actually granted my wishes, but you get my point eh?) But blog about something and it usually does come to pass!

I wished for doors that would hide my washer and dryer:


and I wished for pull-out shelves:


I’m THRILLED with my NEW laundry center!


I’m still trying to decide what I should store on the shelves above.  I can put ugly laundry supplies in the baskets, but should I go buy three more matching baskets for the top three shelves?  I can’t decide. Please chime in with any advice!

In other miscellany, I’m lovin’ the thought of using a digital planner, so I’ve been watching videos like THIS one, so I can make myself a NEW one! Yeah, I know I’m kinda late to that game!


And lastly, I’m excited to use my NEW glass ball in my photography (that my good friend gave me for my b-day).  So cool!!!


And that’s it for this Monday!  Have a great week and go do or learn something NEW!





12 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share

  1. I’m so glad you are back! And look at that new laundry room! Your hubby did a fabulous job! It’s gorgeous… and itnhelps make doing the laundry… a delight…perhaps!

    As for the baskets… you can store extra hangers in one.

    Beautiful my friend… and Welcome Back!


  2. Funny it should be about new laundry space today. Just this weekend, hubby and I were discussing sorting out a utility room so the laundry machines won’t need to be in the kitchen anymore. It might actually happen this year, too. 🙂


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