NEW / unique places i gotta go see

Happy Monday!

I’ve recently learned of some NEW places to visit. Some of these places are relatively close to me, (in Eastern Nevada and Western Utah), but I hadn’t even heard of them until recently, and now I gotta go see them.

I saw the above wedding photo and had to ask the photographer where the location was: Cathedral Gorge State Park in Nevada.

Then, I had a co-worker say he took his family hiking at Paul Bunyans Woodpile, so I had to look it up. Such interesting volcanic rock formations! It is in Juab County, Utah.

I have heard of Great Basin National Park, but since it would probably be on our way to Cathedral Gorge, we’d better stop in! It looks pretty cool.

And lastly, for this trip, although I’ve already visited Lehman’s Cave, it was a very long time ago, so we’ll have to stop in again. I think it is in the vicinity of Great Basin National Park.

I like to keep track of my “Want-to-go-see-stuff” for trips on Google’s My Maps and add things to see in the area as I find out about them. So much traveling to do, so little time! But when I have the time, I’ll be organized and can just get up and GO!

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!

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1st photo: whiteemberstudios Instagram; 2nd and 3rd:, 4th: Sunset, 5th:

5 thoughts on “NEW / unique places i gotta go see

  1. The only place here that I have visited is the one you also visited: Lehman Caves, which is, as you suspected, part of Great Basin NP. How fun to discover so many great places that are close to you. Cathedral Gorge looks so familiar, but I’ll bet it’s because I explored some places that looked a lot like that in southern California – next to Nevada and surely the same type of soil formation. I’ve been all over Nevada and for such a desolate-looking state on the surface, I found so many beautiful beautiful places there. I envy your trip! 🙂


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