miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share

Happy Monday!

This random photo is of a bunch of padlocks near the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. And in honor of the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth, here’s another shot with the British flag in the background:

We visited Lake Havasu earlier this year. Fun place! AND, if you want to learn WHY someone would move a bridge, stone by stone from England to the Arizona desert, Wikipedia’s got you! (HERE).

In other miscellany:

Did you know there are apps to learn perfect pitch!?! I’m {thinking} of giving that a go. I’ll let you know if I do! I’m doing well enough to keep up on my Duolingo streak of learning Spanish every day. But when I can squeeze in the time to train my ear for perfect pitch, I think I’d love that!

I’ll mention too, that we bought this piece of equipment a few months back. I need to stop reading blogs, writing blogs, and go downstairs and pump some blocks of iron! I’ve learned a lot of NEW ways to get sore muscles! But that’s a good thing. I especially like Pinterest to find NEW and different exercises. (HERE)

And lastly, I have a miscellaneous question: Do people say “You’ve got another thing coming” – OR- “You’ve got another think coming”??? I ask, because I always thought people said “thing”, but I recently saw it in writing, and they wrote “think”! Have I been mis-hearing that phrase wrong all these years? Haha!

That’s all the miscellany for today. Have a great day and do or learn something NEW!

6 thoughts on “miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share

  1. These shots are so beautiful and colourful and a creative way to honor the Queen’s passing. I had never heard about the bridge, but now I’m going to go read up on it. Good job for all your self-improvement. I’ve been studying Spanish too!


  2. It’s always been “You got another THING coming,” for me. But if you read about it there are people who say that’s totally wrong and it should be THINK. Who knew?

    So you saw Lake Havasu! Pretty cool place and yes the London Bridge there is spectacular. But so are all the small lighthouse replicas from around the nation!
    Happy Monday!

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