NEW update to my N.P. bucket list

Happy Wednesday!

I guess I need to update my National Parks bucket list that I posted after our Mesa Verde trip. One National Park down, many to go! I’m at 16 out of 63. Oh boy…gotta get busy!

The photo above is of the Great Smoky National Park from near Clingman’s Dome. And here’s one with a little ‘smoke’:

The walk up to the top of Clingmans Dome is quite steep…here, wait just a minute and I’ll look up the stats….haha!

“The half-mile trail to the summit of Clingmans Dome is paved, but very steep. During the short hike, you will gain 332 feet, which makes the climb gradient almost 13%!” (per THIS site). On a clear day, you can see into 7 states!

The Appalachian Trail crosses Clingmans Dome, so now I can say I’ve been on a portion of that trail! (They kind of need new signage! :o)

I love thematic bucket lists! Checking off a list is strangely satisfying, right!?

Have a great day today! Do or learn something NEW!

4 thoughts on “NEW update to my N.P. bucket list

    • Isn’t that funny how that happens! I notice things like that a lot. What did you kids think of Clingmans Dome? We almost didn’t get a parking place and thought we’d have to turn around without going on the hike, but we got lucky at the last minute. Hope you’re doing great!

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      • I think they liked it – they’ve been twice. I think the second time it was overcast so the view wasn’t as good. They’re young and fit but they described a lot of older people making the trek – that’s encouraging!


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