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One of my passions in life is learning about my family tree.  I find it fascinating how the internet has exploded with incredible resources to trace family lines!  Have you tried it?  If not, go to, or, to find something NEW about your family tree!

But watch out!  It’s addicting!  I could spend hours at a time doing family history research!  The picture above is an old Methodist church in Westernville, New York.  I really enjoyed visiting there this summer! LOVED that little village!  My ancestor, Edwin Anderson was a Methodist minister in the late 1800’s and most likely preached in that very church!  Although Edwin’s family line is a tough one to research! (If anyone out there in the blogosphere has any info of the Alanson and Lucy (Holland) Anderson family from Westernville, NY, be sure to let me know!!! :o)

BTW, you all know I love photography….check out this AWESOME HDR pic of the Westernville church by smichik on Flickr:

Westernville Church (1)

Try something NEW today! Trace a family line and discover the NEW in old records!

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