a NEW tool organizer

OK…this tool organizer is actually ‘well established’ in my garage. (Not new at all!) However, when other people see it for the first time, they always ohh and ahh and want this ‘NEW’ thing in their garage too! Why? Because it’s genius! It holds about 4 times more tools than regular hook organizers. You see, you can hang them 4 deep in the same amount of space!

I just have to chuckle when I see ‘organizers’ like these:

(Well, I admit they’d be just fine…if you only own 4 or 5 tools).   Sorry I can’t give you the reference of the magazine we originally got the plans from (too long ago to remember). But I tried to take close-ups so you could make a copy-cat version if you so desired.

Do you have any “well established” ideas that others think are NEW? Please share!