my NEW fabric organization


Sometimes I get those moments….those BFO moments!  {BLINDING FLASH of the OBVIOUS} moments!  I had one recently when I saw the brilliant (yet obviously efficient) way to store fabric at Smashed Peas and Carrots blog!  Duh!  Mini Fabric bolts!  If it’s good enough for fabric stores to organize fabric on bolts, it’s good enough for me…and mini bolts work GREAT!  I don’t sew a ton, so I don’t even have very much fabric to store, but it sure beats this mess (fabric previously stored in plastic bins among other craft supplies)


….and this mess (left over matting sitting at the top of my framing closet):


You see, I do my own picture framing and matting and I have a hard time junking the scraps of matting that I JUST.MIGHT.NEED someday!  Well!  I did need it!…to wrap my fabric into bolts!  These mini bolts are 7.5 inches by 10.5 inches.  PERFECT for my NEW sewing cabinet shelves:


LOVE IT!  Try organizing something NEW today!

My NEW laundry room organization


I’m totally thrilled! The little sewing corner in my laundry room (which I blogged about earlier) has now expanded!  I now have a cabinet for my baskets….the ‘drawer’ above the baskets will actually be a pull-out ironing board (not finished quite yet)…and a hutch for ribbon and wrapping paper!  I’m SO excited to efficiently use that space in my laundry room!  Here are a few details:


There are three notches for the dowels in each row.  That way I can either stagger the paper/ribbon or use one, two or all three spaces!


I’ll use the cupboard on the left to store other gift-giving paraphernalia like bows, small gift bags, etc.  The cupboard on the right will be used for the additional sewing supplies that I don’t have up on the peg-board.  I’m love, loVE, LOVING it!  Happy Valentines Day!

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NEWly organized pots and pans

I do NOT think pots and pans were created to live in cupboards….they are just too oddly shaped and it typically isn’t efficient use of space. Am I right? I prefer to hang my pots and pans. I’ve loved my curtain rod in my pantry, which I’ve had for a few years now, but I recently added a NEW second rod. {see the old/single rod below}

What’s great is the second rod only took up a couple more inches of pantry space, and I can hang twice as many pots and pans. SCorE! I love efficiency…especially brand-spankin’-NEW efficiency!

NEW paper goods organization!

What a difference  a SHELF will make! WOWZA! Having organization in my life gives me a calm exhilaration like none other! I’m not a neat freak, nor OCD, thank goodness….but having nice and neat paper goods is a GOOD THING :o) Don’t you think? It’s efficient! Now, I could care less if my sock drawer is color coded or alphabetized, but if I can pull out napkins for a get-together without them being smashed and crinkled from laying underneath a pile of plastic cups, I’m a happy girl! Look around and organize something NEW today!

a NEW tool organizer

OK…this tool organizer is actually ‘well established’ in my garage. (Not new at all!) However, when other people see it for the first time, they always ohh and ahh and want this ‘NEW’ thing in their garage too! Why? Because it’s genius! It holds about 4 times more tools than regular hook organizers. You see, you can hang them 4 deep in the same amount of space!

I just have to chuckle when I see ‘organizers’ like these:

(Well, I admit they’d be just fine…if you only own 4 or 5 tools).   Sorry I can’t give you the reference of the magazine we originally got the plans from (too long ago to remember). But I tried to take close-ups so you could make a copy-cat version if you so desired.

Do you have any “well established” ideas that others think are NEW? Please share!