NEW update on my waterfall bucket list

Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park

Happy Friday! Well, in the last year and a half, I think I visited about 7 NEW waterfalls, so I thought I’d better update my Waterfall Themed Bucket List {HERE}. I’m up to about 34, so lots more to see until I get to 100!

Visiting Yosemite National Park gave us ample opportunities to check off a few! Beautiful!

Nevada Falls from the John Muir Trail, Yosemite National Park
Lower Calf Creek Falls, Escalante, UT
Box Canyon Springs Waterfall, Wendell, ID

Have a great weekend and I hope you get to do or learn something NEW!

a NEW Thursday thought


Happy Thursday! I hope my future self will thank me for chasing all the waterfalls that I do! Last weekend I crossed off another one off my waterfall bucket list.  This is Mesa Falls in Idaho – near the south end of Yellowstone Park.  It was very chilly, but the strength of the water rushing over the cliff was fantastic.  I chased this little guy around, trying to get his photo…squirrel.jpg

The top photo is known as ‘Upper Mesa Falls’, and this is Lower Mesa Falls:


What are you going to do today that your future self will thank you for?  Leave a comment and let me know! Do something NEW!

a NEW photo and a NEW Friday challenge


Happy Friday!

Are you tired of my travel photos yet?  Here’s one of the Maine coastline.  I’m a sucker for water photos!

Well, Fridays tend to be my ‘challenge’ post days. I’ve been wanting to tackle a 365 photo challenge, but that’s too scary at the moment (I’d probably fail before I got to day 3!).  So, I’ve decided I’d start with some sort of photography challenge – but one that doesn’t mean you fail if you miss a day.  I’ve decided to do this one (I found it here):


Actually, this might take me decades to complete…because I don’t have any travel plans to the Great Wall of China…yet. But as I look through the list, I think I’ve already got some completed.  Baseball game = check! Slow SS waterfall = check! Bee on a flower = check!

I hope this will be a kick in the rear to go out and shoot more often!

Have a great Friday!  Do or learn something NEW!

Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!

Well, this last weekend I got to cross one more waterfall off my 100-WaterFalls-Bucket-List.

Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho {DONE}!  It was a great time of year to go.  SO much water rushing over those cliffs!  I understand that sometimes there’s only a drizzle, depending on how much water the farmers are using for their crops up-stream, the amount of run-off that year etc.  The time of day we went to visit the falls was obviously great too — that rainbow was there the entire time.  Cool huh?  Shoshone Falls is sometimes referred to as “The Niagara Falls of the West”. Although I love the falls, the surrounding scenery is quite a bit greener at Niagara, NY/Canada!

Next miscellany: How do you text ‘Thank You’?  I usually just text Thx, but I understand 10Q is also an option. :o)  So, when we had Student Employee Appreciation Week at the University where I work, I stayed up late one night and made this batch of ’10Q’ cookies.  HA! The students thought I was so clever, ha ha ha!


And lastly, this miscellaneous humor (I texted this to my police officer son) :o)

A blonde was driving down the road and she looks up and sees a tree so she swerves to the left. The tree is still in front of her so she swerves to the right, this time her car rolls into the ditch. When the police officer came, the blonde told him about the tree that was in front of her. The officer kindly explained that the tree was the green air freshener hanging off her rear view mirror.

{Sorry, corny eh? But it made me smile.}

Have a great week!  Do or learn something NEW!






a NEW thematic bucket list


I love, loVE, LOVE waterfalls, so I’m gonna keep track of the ones I visit and try to cross off a bucket list of visiting 100 waterfalls. I’ve gotta get busy! Just so I don’t get overwhelmed, I’ll list the three I “plan-to-go-to next” at the top. So, here we go:

**Havsupi Falls, Arizona

**Burney Falls, Shasta County, California

**Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

  1. Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica {done}
  2. Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota {done}
  3. Multnomah Falls, Oregon {done}
  4. American Falls, Niagara, New York {done}
  5. Bridal Veil Falls, Niagara, New York {done}
  6. Horseshoe Falls, Niagara, New York {done}
  7. Bridal Veil Falls, Provo, Utah{done}
  8. Akaka Falls in Hilo, Hawaii {done}
  9. Emerald Pools Waterfall, Zion National Park, Utah {done}
  10. Horsetail Falls, Alpine, Utah{done}
  11. Cascade Falls, Brianhead, Utah{done}
  12. Upper Yellowstone Falls, Yellowstone National Park {done}
  13. Lower Yellowstone Falls, Yellowstone National Park {done}
  14. Snoqualmie Falls, Seattle, Washington {done}
  15. Kanarraville Falls, Kanarraville, Utah {done}
  16. Toquerville, Falls, Toquerville, UT {done}
  17. Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, ID {done}
  18. Twin Falls, ID {done}
  19. St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, MN {done}
  20. Hog’s Back Falls, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada {done}
  21. Rideau Falls, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada {done}
  22. Montmorency Falls, Quebec, Canada {done}
  23. Upper Mesa Falls, Idaho {done}
  24. Lower Mesa Falls, Idaho {done}
  25. Talcott Falls, New York {done}
  26. Pixley Falls, New York {done}
  27. Stewart Falls, Sundance, UT {done}
  28. Battle Creek Fall, Pleasant Grove, UT {done}
  29. Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA {done}
  30. Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA {done}
  31. Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA {done}
  32. Nevada Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA {done}
  33. Lower Calf Creek Falls, Escalante, UT {done}
  34. Grizzly Falls, Kings Canyon, CA {done}
  35. Box Canyon Springs Waterfall, Wendell, ID {done}
  36. Bullion Falls, Marysvale, UT {done}
  37. High Falls, Dupont State Forest, North Carolina {done}
  38. Triple Falls, Dupont State Forest, North Carolina {done}
  39. Linville Falls, North Carolina {done}
  40. Pearson’s Falls, Polk County, North Carolina {done}
  41. Hickory Nut Falls, North Carolina {done}
  42. Mingo Falls, North Carolina {done}
  43. Tom Branch Falls, North Carolina {done}
  44. Juneywhank Falls, North Carolina {done}
  45. Indian Creek Falls, North Carolina {done}
  46. Soco Falls, North Carolina {done}
  47. Whitewater Falls, North Carolina {done}
  48. Bowen Falls, New Zealand {done}

a NEW Fall Bucket List


Well, we’re almost an entire month into the Autumnal Equinox! I thought it’s about time I made a Fall Bucket List.  I really haven’t done this before….but I must say that I DO LOVE LISTS!  So I thought I’d try it this year.  There are GREAT ideas on…oh, you know…that obscure little site called Pinterest! :o)

Here is my list of ten {notice not too overwhelming, and not too difficult to accomplish}:

1) Go on a family camping/hiking trip 2) Get a family portrait taken 3)Roast pumpkin seeds 4) Make Fall/Halloween themed sugar cookies 5) Rake leaves in a neighbors yard 6) Buy/Drink apple cider from The Red Barn  7) Bake an apple pie 8) Watch Hocus Pocus  9) Run on a crisp morning  10)Write someone a ‘Thankful’ note.

What’s NEW on your list this year?? (If you haven’t made one yet, feel free to print out the list above and get-rrrr-done!)

Have a GREAT day…and a GREAT Autumn!


NEW stuff I gotta share


How many of you have a bucket list?  If you have one, is “Visit all 50 states” on it?  I’ve noticed that goal on quite a number of published online bucket lists lately.  The map above is a map  I made at Big Huge Labs. Map Maker: Show off where you’ve been or where you’re going. (It has maps for the entire world, or just the US, just Europe etc.)  It looks like I need to get over to the East Coast more often, right? (I’d Love to!….send me a plane ticket!)

Another option is: You can keep a simple list like this one at Project Light to Life.  That works good too!

I love, loVE, LOVE keeping AND working on my bucket lists….however, it seems to be getting longer and longer!  More things I wanna learn, do,  read…experience!  All soooo much fun!  Let me know what you’ve crossed off your list lately!

Have a great day!  Do something NEW!

time for a NEW bucket list

Have you made a bucket list yet?  Apparently I need a NEW one!  I made a bucket list on the Day Zero Project website in September of 2010 and I recently reviewed it.  Well….there are a few things that will be impossible to get done by my May 2013 completion date!  You’re suppose to list 101 things to do within 1001 days, and baby, it just aint gonna happen!  By the way, that site is almost as addicting as Pinterest!  I could spend hours looking through random people’s lists, looking for that great idea that I should add to my list!  Some of them are actually quite interesting!  Other bloggers have lists that are interesting and motivating.  Lately I’ve noticed 101 in 1001 day lists at Melinda’s Fitness Blog and (Don’t be) too timid and squeamish.    Ohhh!….and I forgot to add this one…Awesome Travel Bucket list at Travel Log.

So, yes,  I’ll need to revise mine soon….either now or in May when there’s absolutely no hope left :o)  That’s ok though….’The Only Constant is Change’…right?

Have a terrific day!….Do something NEW!   Mark something off your bucket list!