a NEW project finished


Happy Wednesday! Whewhoo!  My quilt project is finally finished!  It’s was supposed to be for my DIL’s b-day (in April…she got a gift card instead).  I decided I’d for sure have this done before her next b-day!  :o)  Yet, now I don’t think I can wait that long to give it to her!

So…onto another NEW project.  What should it be??? Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.  I’ll let you know soon.  Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW textured tuesday photo


Happy Tuesday!  I took advantage of my day off yesterday to get some shooting in.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to!  There was too much winter-dead stuff outside, so I stayed indoors and shot some still-life.  I love using prop items that I’ve received as gifts because they remind me of the wonderful people in my life.  I received the vase from my son and daughter-in-law in a gift basket with other items as a ‘thank you’ after their wedding.  That was thoughtful of them!  Although that day WAS all about them, they realized it took a lot of time and effort from everyone else, so their ‘thank you’ meant a lot!  The doily was made from a dear friend of my Mother’s that I haven’t seen in years.  She gave us this doily along with a few others for our wedding (SO many years ago!)  It was good to think of her as I captured this shot.

Hope you all have a terrific day!  Do or learn something NEW!

I’ll link to Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday

NEW photos of a cherished book and a Sunday message


Happy Sunday!  Today I’m going to blog, brag and blab about a very sweet friend and neighbor of mine.  This person truly knows the meaning of friendship, service, thoughtfulness and a zillion other wonderful attributes!   When my hubby was in the hospital, she went {way} beyond the expected.  She thought of everything we could possible need…even before we knew we needed them!   She gave us a gift bag FULL of items to make that hard time seem so much easier.   One item was a beautiful book with short stories.  We had browsed through the book in the hospital and I personally LOVED the photography!  Then, when hubby was released from the hospital, we packed up all the paraphernalia to come home, and the beautiful book got stashed in a miscellaneous bag and very sadly, kind of forgotten (for a while).  Fast forward to five or six weeks later when this very kind friend asked how I liked the book, when we passed it in the store.   I didn’t recognize the cover…I didn’t realize this was the same book that was stashed away.  I was very embarrassed that it most definitely seemed like I didn’t appreciate her gift!  I came home and pulled out the book (I knew exactly which bag it was still in)…and started browsing again.  I read a few more of the stories…I fell in love (again) with the beautiful photography…but most of all, I remembered the sweet memory of the love and kindness that was shown by our dear friend in those difficult days after hubby’s accident.


Here’s one of the stories told by Elder David B Haight:

A few years ago, when Arturo Toscanini was musical director of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in New York City, he had a Saturday afternoon radio broadcast. And one day he received in his mail a crumpled little note on some brownish paper which read:

“Dear Mr. Toscanini, I am a lonely sheepherder in the mountains of Wyoming. I have two prized possessions: an old violin and a battery radio. And the batteries are getting weak and beginning to run down on my radio, and my violin is so out of tune I can’t play it anymore. Would you please sound an A next Saturday on your program?”

The next week on the program, Arturo Toscanini announced: “To a newfound friend in the mountains of Wyoming, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra is now, all together and in unison, going to sound a perfect A.” And they sounded the perfect A. Then that lonely little man was able to tune the A string and then the E string and the D and the G from that perfect A.

Isn’t it interesting to reflect in our own lives and in the lives of the many people who may hear me at this time—those whose violin or lives may be a little out of tune—that we are able to come to a general conference of the Church and hear the marvelous messages that are spoken? Those of us who have the opportunity to speak here pray mightily that we would have the energy and the strength and the vitality even as I do, as I enter the twilight of my life, to stand and bear witness of the truthfulness of this work—because I am a witness of it.

Here are a couple more photos of my cherished book.  Thank you Dear Darci!!!

withangel bedside

Have a great Sabbath!  Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW quilt…finally finished!


Hi all!  I hope you are having a great Wednesday!  I thought I’d better take a pic of this quilt I recently finished because I’m wrapping it today…(to be given away next week).

The to-be recipient has had a pretty hard year …lots of scraps!  I hope she is comforted by this blanket and knows it was made with love.

Now on to the next quilting project.  I figure if I have a quilt constantly in progress, it won’t really matter how slow I am.  They’ll get finished eventually.  (I won’t mention how long this one took me!) :o)

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW wedding gift combo {and free card printable}


Happy Friday!  So..in June when my son got married, I was so impressed with people’s creative wedding gifts!  I thought, WOW, how do people have the time to be so creative?!?   I then realized it probably didn’t take all that much extra time to just add a little something unique to the gifts, so I resolved to try to be a bit more creative.  Here is one idea:  Copy a cute and “lovey-dovey” saying on the bottom of a glass pan with a black sharpie. (I only wrote on one pan and left the other one normal)…add a couple of dish towels and oven mitts…top it off with a homemade card and whala!…a not-so-boring wedding gift! :o)


I made up the card speedy-quick-like.  I used my NEW embossing machine for the textured bottom paper, then just added the graphic below (feel free to print it out for your use).




Let me know if any of you have any wonderful (quick-but-creatively-unique) wedding gift ideas!  This one might get over-used if I don’t have a few other ideas up my sleeve…so please share! :o)

Have a terrific day!  Do or learn (OR GIVE AWAY) something NEW!

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Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  What’s NEW with all of you???

One NEW thing here (which I’m not thrilled about) is my sticking space bar on my computer keyboard! :o( Not fun! It’s taken me wayyyyyy longer than it should, for me to even type this first sentence!!! Arggg! BUT!…how do you like the NEW gift box I just made? (Out of regular paper!…nothing fancy!) I learned how to fold them HERE.

Also, I recently stumbled onto this art site and was introduced to a NEW (to me) art term:  Encaustic.  I love art in all varieties, and I’m especially happy to learn a NEW word:o)

Have a great week!  Do or Learn something NEW!



a NEW way to send birthday cash


Happy Friday!  Well…although my son is turning 21 (yikes!)….he is out of state and really only wants money….so this is what I’m mailing him!  Noise makers, candy, twisty straws, crete-paper birthday streamers…AND cash.  Trust me!…when the cute-sie HAPPY BIRTHDAY label gets put on, it’ll look adorable…kind of like this:

bdaybottle {source}

AND the birthday boy will wonder how I magically stuffed everything through the small opening at the top, right?  (Click on the source for a link to the tutorial).  If you’re sending cash as a gift, try a NEW and different method!  Have a great day!

NEW ideas for Honey Butter

Fresh scones!  Yummy!….BUT they HAVE to have honey butter on them, right?  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, if you happen to leave roll dough in the freezer a bit too long, (and they decide they don’t want to raise), just make scones!  I searched the web for variations on honey butter recently and thought I’d share with you what I found:

Tidy Mom (one of my very favorite sites) has a great recipe for Cinnamon Honey Butter -AND- a great gift idea!

Also Simply So Good had a recipe which I have to try soon!  It reminds me of the  really yummy Raspberry Butter I had at a restaurant on a recent weekend trip.  If it’s even tastes close….I know it will be fantastic!

Try some NEW variations of honey butter!  Let me know of any you can recommend ok?  Have a terrific day!