a NEW project finished


Happy Wednesday! Whewhoo!  My quilt project is finally finished!  It’s was supposed to be for my DIL’s b-day (in April…she got a gift card instead).  I decided I’d for sure have this done before her next b-day!  :o)  Yet, now I don’t think I can wait that long to give it to her!

So…onto another NEW project.  What should it be??? Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.  I’ll let you know soon.  Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW quilt…finally finished!


Hi all!  I hope you are having a great Wednesday!  I thought I’d better take a pic of this quilt I recently finished because I’m wrapping it today…(to be given away next week).

The to-be recipient has had a pretty hard year …lots of scraps!  I hope she is comforted by this blanket and knows it was made with love.

Now on to the next quilting project.  I figure if I have a quilt constantly in progress, it won’t really matter how slow I am.  They’ll get finished eventually.  (I won’t mention how long this one took me!) :o)

Have a great day!  Do or learn something NEW!

a NEW finished quilt


Happy Tuesday!  Today I thought I’d simply share my NEW quilt that I just finished over the weekend.  I tried something NEW…I used spray-on basting adhesive.  My review is mixed…it stuck the three layers together well, but I had a few puckers that were hard to get out.  It was probably me – just being a newbie, but I’m not sure I’ll use it again.  Because, if I spend my precious time sewing quilt blocks together, I want it to be as perfect as possible, and I’m not sure I’m willing to invest the ‘learning curve’ time on any future quilts. 🙂  This is a crib-size quilt, so I’m just tucking it away for the future.  (Yes, I’m PATIENTLY waiting for grand-babies!)

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!

a NEW ‘Nailed It’ experience


You all know about the popular ‘Nailed It’ meme, right?

cupcakenailed{source: cheezburger.com}

Well, yes, I have my own Failed Nailed It experience to share with you 🙂  I saw this very cool exercise belt that I really wanted to make (at Pink Polka Dot Creations) because the arm-band that I bought for my iPhone to run/exercise with is ANNOYING!!!  Anyway…I guess I’ve never really sewn on spandex before, so it was a NEW experience.  That junk is SLIPPERY!  How do you do it?????   I even had a REALLY pretty blue fold-over elastic to add to the edges.  But I didn’t even get that far.  Do you see all the puckers around the zipper? (The zipper was suppose to be the easy part!  The tutorial mentioned sewing the elastic edge part was a “litte tricky”!)  I gave up 😦

I MAY try it again, but I’m going to research if there’s any tricks to sewing on that impossibly slippery stuff before I do!  Let me know if you have the secret!

Have a great day!  Do something NEW!…even if  you ‘nail it’!

my NEW fabric organization


Sometimes I get those moments….those BFO moments!  {BLINDING FLASH of the OBVIOUS} moments!  I had one recently when I saw the brilliant (yet obviously efficient) way to store fabric at Smashed Peas and Carrots blog!  Duh!  Mini Fabric bolts!  If it’s good enough for fabric stores to organize fabric on bolts, it’s good enough for me…and mini bolts work GREAT!  I don’t sew a ton, so I don’t even have very much fabric to store, but it sure beats this mess (fabric previously stored in plastic bins among other craft supplies)


….and this mess (left over matting sitting at the top of my framing closet):


You see, I do my own picture framing and matting and I have a hard time junking the scraps of matting that I JUST.MIGHT.NEED someday!  Well!  I did need it!…to wrap my fabric into bolts!  These mini bolts are 7.5 inches by 10.5 inches.  PERFECT for my NEW sewing cabinet shelves:


LOVE IT!  Try organizing something NEW today!

a NEW wedding dress transformation


I have a VERY talented niece!  She took her mother’s wedding dress and TOTALLY transformed it!  I missed going to the wedding, because it was multiple states away, but my other sisters were ohhing and awhing about the dress recently, so I had to go see it for myself (she’s local now).  Fabulous.Gorgeous.Beautiful!!!

The old dress (hmmm not sure what year this was, but I’m guessing early 1980’s):

debs wedding dress1

The NEW dress (December of 2011 I believe):


My NEW laundry room organization


I’m totally thrilled! The little sewing corner in my laundry room (which I blogged about earlier) has now expanded!  I now have a cabinet for my baskets….the ‘drawer’ above the baskets will actually be a pull-out ironing board (not finished quite yet)…and a hutch for ribbon and wrapping paper!  I’m SO excited to efficiently use that space in my laundry room!  Here are a few details:


There are three notches for the dowels in each row.  That way I can either stagger the paper/ribbon or use one, two or all three spaces!


I’ll use the cupboard on the left to store other gift-giving paraphernalia like bows, small gift bags, etc.  The cupboard on the right will be used for the additional sewing supplies that I don’t have up on the peg-board.  I’m love, loVE, LOVING it!  Happy Valentines Day!

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a NEW pillow (Pinterest inspired copycat)

Ok….I tried something NEW 😮  I fell in love with this cute pillow on Pinterest :

(originally posted at the TomKat Studio) and decided to try to replicate it.  I made three of them so I can share the love with at least two other friends and/or family.  I searched and searched to find the same font they used….(failed).  So I finally decided on the “Amaze” font and just free-handed the extra curly cues.

Try something NEW today! Even if it’s copying something off of Pinterest!

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a NEW sewing corner

I’m SUPER excited about my NEW sewing corner. I don’t have an entire room to dedicate to sewing/crafting etc. But I am soooo excited to have all my sewing things organized and in their own little space in a corner of my laundry room – slash – mud room – slash – sewing room!

A few details….My little corner USED to look like this:

I painted the chair the same day I tried out the chalk paint method I previously posted about here.  The embroidery hoops in the left-side frame will soon look more like this:

There’s a great tutorial for making these at Yellow Spool….{I just need to  find make the time}.  The frame on the right-hand side of my sewing desk is a bulletin board for pinning up pattern instructions etc.

My hubby is THE BEST! He takes the visualized plans in my head and makes them a reality. I only wish I could afford to hire him out as my full-time carpenter!  He’s quite a busy guy and my little projects aren’t always top priority…but then, seriously, I wouldn’t want them to be! (Not always, anyway :o)

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a NEW heirloom!

I FINALLY finished my Christmas quilt! I’ll be informing my family that it WILL be a family heirloom…because after the enormous amount of time I spent on it, my last will and testament is going to decree that my grand-children, great-grandchildren, great, great (and so on) MUST cherish this quilt and display it EVERY Christmas for generations!!! (Or I will haunt them :o) It WILL be a family heirloom!

After finishing, I gave my husband a very direct assignment. I told him to remind me NOT to start another quilt with that much piecing EVER AGAIN! He said, ‘You told me that after you finished the one hanging in our room’. WHAT? I DID? And you let me start another one? (He had no clue what I was ‘starting’)

This is the quilt hanging in our room:

This baby quilt, however, was very do-able.

From now on…it’s baby quilts for me, if there is any piecing involved!  Serious quilters call me a Big Baby!…But I’ve learned I’m a sprinter seamstress….marathon projects are just out of my league! What NEW thing have you learned today?