my NEW fabric organization


Sometimes I get those moments….those BFO moments!  {BLINDING FLASH of the OBVIOUS} moments!  I had one recently when I saw the brilliant (yet obviously efficient) way to store fabric at Smashed Peas and Carrots blog!  Duh!  Mini Fabric bolts!  If it’s good enough for fabric stores to organize fabric on bolts, it’s good enough for me…and mini bolts work GREAT!  I don’t sew a ton, so I don’t even have very much fabric to store, but it sure beats this mess (fabric previously stored in plastic bins among other craft supplies)


….and this mess (left over matting sitting at the top of my framing closet):


You see, I do my own picture framing and matting and I have a hard time junking the scraps of matting that I JUST.MIGHT.NEED someday!  Well!  I did need it!…to wrap my fabric into bolts!  These mini bolts are 7.5 inches by 10.5 inches.  PERFECT for my NEW sewing cabinet shelves:


LOVE IT!  Try organizing something NEW today!

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