a NEW hiking experience – going solo


Happy Saturday!  Today’s ‘challenge’ from the 28-day challenge I’m doing was to take a hike.  Again, this wasn’t really that challenging, because I live so close to the mountains.  But what was NEW to me, was going for a hike…SOLO.  I think I’ve always had someone with me before! To be honest and truthful, it was a bit freaky because I chose a very STEEP hike and not too many people were on the trail.  My mind kept thinking…’If I tumble off this cliff, no one would even know!’ 🙂  But I didn’t fall off the cliff and here is a collage of my trek.  I think I’ll do it more often….maybe I’ll get over my ‘solo-hiking anxiety’….as long as I stay away from the edge 🙂

Have a great day and learn or do something NEW!

2 thoughts on “a NEW hiking experience – going solo

  1. What a great post. I love it. Nice photos. Where are they taken and how long was your hike? Hiking alone can be daunting. But it nice to see you got over your fear. Hiking alone can be so meditative and transforming. I subscribed to your blog. It is quite interesting. Thanks for stopping by.


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