a NEW photo challenge {twisted}


Happy Friday!

Ya know, sometimes you just need a little nudge to get around to gettin’ things done! We visited Twisted Forest two weeks ago and my photos were still sitting on my camera.  So, when I saw Nancy’s photo challenge of “Twisted”, that was just the nudge I needed to download these photos, so I could join in the challenge!

This short hike (but somewhat steep in some areas) was amazing! You get to walk through a forest of bristlecone pines, which are the oldest known species of pine trees! Some of these trees are thousands of years old (yeah, I know they look it, too!) The terrain at the bottom of the trail looks like a scene from a movie:twisted2.jpg

Then you hike up…and up…and up…and this is your view over the ledge!


A great view of Cedar Breaks National Monument!  I’m happy to have hiked a NEW trail. Now on to other Newness. Have a great weekend!



a NEW {fabulous} hike


Happy Friday!  Well, recently hubby and I took a short weekend getaway and went on this hike that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now (remember I told you about it a few posts back? :o).  It did not disappoint! Such a fun hike…and beautiful, am I right?!?

For most of the hike, we were trekking through this creek bed and I’m SO glad we invested in some trekking poles for this one!  Our boys really razzed us when we got home and they saw our poles, but I’m tellin’ ya, those wet, mossy, river rocks are slippery suckers, and if we wouldn’t have had those poles, we’d have been a LOT wetter than we were!

I have plenty more pics from this hike that I’ll likely share (hopefully they won’t get too tiring).

Have a great day! Pick out a NEW hike and put it on your to-explore list!


a few days away….with NEW experiences


Well, I’m back!  My hubby and I took a couple of days and got away for our anniversary.

I REALLY enjoyed our get-away because we did a nice variety of things!  Let’s see…we started out with one of our favorite things to do together….we played racquetball (physical), we attended the temple (spiritual), went out to lunch and dinner (ummm, probably another physical, but could be emotional or social?), we toured an exhibit at a museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls (educational), we stayed at a romantic bed and breakfast (emotional?), took a long walk/hike up a canyon trail (physical), went to a NEW theater and saw a funny parody of Phantom of the Opera (social?….or physical because our bellies ached from laughing?)….to name a few of our NEW, fun experiences.

But we’re back to our daily routines now.  It’s always good to get away, but just as nice to come home again!  Happy Friday!  Do or Learn something NEW!!!

a NEW hike


Hi all! We tried out a NEW hike on Saturday!  The Ensign Peak trail is a short hike – but sometimes a bit steep.  It only takes 5 minutes to get to the trailhead from downtown Salt Lake City!  I’d never hiked this trail, so it was fun!  Here are a few pics of the valley as we climbed….higher, higher, and highest 🙂ensignpeaktriple

Have a great day!  Try something NEW….or GO TAKE A HIKE! 🙂

a NEW hiking experience – going solo


Happy Saturday!  Today’s ‘challenge’ from the 28-day challenge I’m doing was to take a hike.  Again, this wasn’t really that challenging, because I live so close to the mountains.  But what was NEW to me, was going for a hike…SOLO.  I think I’ve always had someone with me before! To be honest and truthful, it was a bit freaky because I chose a very STEEP hike and not too many people were on the trail.  My mind kept thinking…’If I tumble off this cliff, no one would even know!’ 🙂  But I didn’t fall off the cliff and here is a collage of my trek.  I think I’ll do it more often….maybe I’ll get over my ‘solo-hiking anxiety’….as long as I stay away from the edge 🙂

Have a great day and learn or do something NEW!